Exclusive writing materials on the Polish market


At the turn of August and September 2019, the brand of exclusive writing materials was introduced to our offer – Diplomat. The portfolio has been enriched with the following: fountain pens, ball-point pens, as well as classic pens, fine ballpoint pens, and pencils.

Diplomat. For the love of writing. Since 1922, Diplomat has been manufacturing high-quality writing materials in Germany according to its motto: “For the love of writing.” For the company, this means, in particular, striving for excellence in creating writing materials that should always serve the User. Its pens have a very classic and elegant look.

The offer includes products with 14K gold nibs, as well as more budgetary pens with stainless steel nibs. There are also ballpoint pens, classic pens, fine ballpoint pens, and pencils available. Precision and product innovation have made the company a leading manufacturer in Europe. The brand is well known and its products are selling perfectly on the retail market as well as on the market of advertising gifts. Laser engraving can be done on parts of products, which, additionally, increases their value and can become an interesting solution for many occasions. Diplomat has built its position on innovation – in the 1950s, Diplomat ballpoint pens were among the first to be offered in Germany. In 1958, it launched a fountain pen with cartridges. The company currently offers products in three lines:

  • Diplomat – fountain pens and ball-point pens, classic pens, fine ballpoint pens, and pencils. The most popular collections are: Excellence A plus, Excellence A2, and Traveller. Excellent workmanship, classic design, and low price are the basic attributes of these products.
  • Spacetec by Diplomat – innovative pens. Ink in the cartridges is under pressure. This allows you to write with your pen in any position, even upside down, under water, on almost every slippery and greasy surface, in hot (up to 200 degrees C) in cold (-50 degrees C) conditions, and even when weightless. In addition, the pens have a lifetime warranty under normal use.
  • Magnum by Diplomat – writing utensils made of plastic and metal elements. Products from this line are to be primarily functional.
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