PBS Connect Polska amongst the winners of Forbes Diamonds 2020


We are very pleased to officially announce that our company has been selected as one of the best companies in Poland by receiving the following title: FORBES DIAMOND 2020

Dear All,

On behalf of myself and the editors of the Polish edition of “Forbes” magazine, I am pleased to announce that your company is amongst the winners within the prestigious group of “Forbes Diamonds” 2020.

“Forbes Diamonds” is an annual ranking of companies that in the last three years
have most effectively increased in their value.

How did you get on our list? The results of the “Forbes Diamonds 2020” ranking were prepared in the editorial office based on the Swiss goodwill valuation method. The following key criteria was included: financial results for the years 2014-2018, value of assets, payment history, payment reliability, and the absence of negative legal events.

Companies from the  “Forbes Diamonds” group were divided into 16 provinces, and, within each of them, into another three categories according to the level of revenue: PLN 5-50 million,

PLN 50-250 million, and over PLN 250 million.

The results will be announced  during the ceremonial regional Gala – meetings of the editorial team with the owners and presidents of the top companies. The meetings, during which there will be an opportunity to exchange experiences, will take place in the largest Polish cities from March to June 2020. The meetings will be inaugurated by a special report “Forbes Diamonds” attached to issue 02/2020 of the magazine, which will be published on 30 January 2020.

Your company will be listed in the “Forbes Diamonds 2020.”

The past winners’ experience from the previous ranking editions, which they willingly shared with the editorial team, shows that being placed in the prestigious ranking is an opportunity to promote the Company or an additional confirmation of credibility among business partners.

The title “Forbes Diamond 2020” is a confirmation of being amongst the best companies in Poland – congratulations on your well-deserved success!.

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