The history of the Cisowianka mineral water began in 1979, when it was first extracted from aquifers. Its name comes from the health resort “Cisy” invented by Stefan Żeromski and described in Homeless People. The beginning of the 21st century became a particularly important moment for the brand. It was then that this natural mineral water was known and loved by all of Poland. Currently, we can enjoy it not only in Poland. Cisowianka in the Perlage version managed to enter the foreign market. The bottle already has fans on the Arabian Peninsula. What distinguishes Cisowianka is a special care for meeting customer expectations. The world is rushing forward, and so are the needs of consumers. That is why the offer includes such a rich and varied assortment – elegant small Cisowianki Perlage bottles, convenient sports bottles, cans and other types of packaging. Cisowianka is water for everyone, for every possible occasion.

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