History Paper production has a very long history in the Meurthe Valley, from the founding of the first paper mills in the 16th century. In this convenient environment, Papeteries de Clairefontaine started production in 1858, in Etival Clairefontaine on the Meurthe River, 90 km from Strasbourg. Using materials supplied by the local textile industry, Clairefontaine will become one of the region’s most important factories in a few years’ time. To complete its offer, the company will start producing envelopes in 1880 and then notebooks. CLAIREFONTAINE today Three categories: paper, envelopes and notebooks are always there. The factory has two 3.40 m wide paper machines. In one of them, the production speed reaches 1000 m per minute, which is 60 km and 15 tons of paper produced per hour.

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