Woseba – as unique as YOU. Bean, ground and instant coffees from Woseby are perfection at every stage of their creation. An excellent technological process, an appropriate selection of selected beans from around the world and many years of experience allow us to create coffee that is unique in taste and aroma. From the very beginning, Woseba has set itself the goal of providing high-quality coffee. Already in 2001, it began the process of introducing premium coffee to the market. In order to meet the expectations of consumers, it has created such brands as: Espresso, Arabica and Café Brasil. In this way, she took part in creating consumer trends that focused on drinking coffee with 100% Arabica content. The next step is to create a new product in the ecological segment – Woseba Bio Organic coffee. What distinguishes Woseba in the category of premium coffees is the quality, resulting from the slow roasting process – used by the company continuously for 30 years. Today Woseba is among the most experienced coffee producers on the Polish market.

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